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We are Fabulosa! The Fragrance Phenomenon taking the market by storm.

We Are The UK's Fastest Growing Cleaning Brand.

We are Fabulosa.

  • We are one of the UKs largest privately owned cleaning brands
  • We are one of the UKs fastest growing brands
  • We are experts in fragrance
  • We are not only ‘on trend’ – we create trends.
  • We drive core space hard
  • We are passionate about promotional space
  • We have a huge social media community
  • We believe in amazing value for consumers

We are more than just a brand.

We get ‘it’…

Consumers love us because they can ‘save with out sacrifice’

We provide great value alternatives with the added benefit of fantastic Fabulosa fragrance.

Retailers love us because we don’t work to a ‘one size fits all’

If retailers support us, we are
passionate about working together collaboratively to develop bespoke product,
promotion and marketing plans to complement individual strategies and approaches.

With a strong retail background contingent within our teams, we understand the challenges that retailers face, and the solutions required to overcome them.

We are versatile…

Possibly one of the most versatile brands in the UK with presence in more that 20 product groups. If a category can benefit from fragrance – we will conquer it.

We are a community…

We are the UKs most tagged cleaning brand on social media with a following in excess of 500,000 across Instagram, TikTok
and Facebook.

We Have Something for Everyone.


We Are Ready To Talk.